When results were declared, I was unable to absorb it. Even today, I sometimes feel that IISc would alter the results quoting an error. 🙂

This is how I reacted (copy-pasted from my Fb post):

After seeing my ‪#‎GATEResults‬, I walked down the memory lane…

1. My parents supporting me through every thick and thin. My Mom and Dad asking me to resign the job and focus on my dreams.
I don’t know if I would ever be able to love them to the extent they love me.

2. My dearest sister Vaishali for being my Ramu kaka and preparing food for me at 3am during my preparation provided she was also appearing for the exam.
Vaishali you just cannot imagine how much you have made me proud.‪#‎AIR75‬ in Mechanical. Gold Medalist Automobile- DTU!!

3.My dearest friend Abhinav for having so much faith in me. You are the one who believed that I should not settle down with less than rank 1.
Abhinav your words meant a lot to me. Thank you so much.

4. My sister from another mother Prachi who used to get offended whenever someone questioned my dreams. I know how you backed me that time.
Thank you so much.

5. My bestie Shruti you were there when I had wanted an escape. You were always there.
Thank you so much.

Now some special memories which I didn’t let fade away…

person X: so you will do something after Gate exam like some MNC job?
me: I don’t think I will do that. I am leaving this MNC to prepare for GATE that’s it.
person X: but what will happen if you screw up your exam?
me: that day will never come.

person Y: I just cannot accept that you will not prepare for some exam like UPSC and leave job for GATE.
me: [frustrated] hmmm….

person Z: hey! let’s meet (provided I was there in DELHI for 3 months already)
me: no, I have to prepare for Gate, I am left with only 1 more month for Gate exam. we shall meet after that.
person Z: what exam! exam! exam! what will you do with gate!! you should join some MNC/NGO after the exam for your resume.

person M: what will you do with GATE? No one has achieved anything with it.
me: I have an interest in AI. I will do specialization in that.
person M: you will not get anything.

and much more………
To all these X, Y, Z, M etc…who thought I am dumb, stupid, crazy etc………… IN YOUR FACE!!

Once again.. Thank you all who supported kept me going.. and special Thanks to those who didn’t for I know how to walk( read run) without you. 🙂


Apart from these assets, I thank:

  1. My brother Saurav – who introduced me to the world of computers. Even taught me C/C++. He didn’t sleep the night the results were declared due to sheer excitement.
  2. Delhi Technological University – my alma mater
  3. Victoria Girls’ Senior Secondary School – people who laid the foundation
  4. ACE & MADEEASY – test series and other stuff
  5. People who provide study material online free of cost

Did I mention, I have a dog who gave me a lot of dog therapies when I was not well? 🙂

To climb the ladder hard-work and perseverance is required, but to reach the top you need blessings.



Author: AnkitaJain

I am a slow learner who secured all India rank 1 in GATE 2016. I am also an engineer who did her B.Tech from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) in Computer Engineering.

2 thoughts on “Acknowledgement”

  1. Hi Ankita,
    Many Congratulations for the AIR 1!! Needed some advice. I am currently in the last semester of BE. I had appeared for GATE 2016, but could score only 450 marks. From July 1st I’ll be starting a 9-6 job. I wish to appear for GATE-17 and secure a single digit rank. What I want to ask is, should I study from standard books like Cormen(DAA-DS), Forouzan(CN), Galvin(OS), etc, or should I go for videos and online sources like geeksforgeeks, gate videos by Ravindrababu ravula etc.?Please do help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sumaiyah,

      First of all congratulations for qualifying GATE. I can share what I did and refer. I referred a mix of both. Wherever the matter was convincing I referred it. Basically, I didn’t settle for unconvincing solutions and concept. I referred my notes as well as other online resources too. So what I can suggest is go through the books and check your understanding. And if there is still some room for improvement, work on it. If you don’t find books convincing then search the Web or refer online lectures/notes etc. If you have read books at least once then brush up on topics and take a test. And decide if going through books is at all required. Let me know if you need more help. All the best 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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