Do not Overstudy

This is a must read for GATE aspirants. Learn from others’ experience too. Reblogged AIR-28 GATE 2016, CS – Akash Kanase’s experience.


Books and others

I have been asked numerous times about the books one should follow for GATE CS. Below is the list of books/online material I followed:

Subject Books
Discrete Maths Tremblay Manohar
Engineering Mathematics Random online lectures/notes to brush up topics. You may refer Kreyzig/ Jain & Iyengar
Data Structure Tanenbaum + GeeksForGeeks
Algorithms CLRS + GeeksForGeeks
Programming in C Dennis Ritchie
Theory of Computation NPTEL Lectures by Prof. Kamala Krithivasan +

Lectures by Shai Simonson

Compiler Design Dragon book
Operating System Galvin
Computer Networks Tanenbaum + Forouzan + Jochen schiller( wiFi)
Digital Design Morris Mano
Computer Architecture & Organization Morris Mano + NPTEL lectures by Prof. Ajit Pal (pipeline)
Databases Korth

I didn’t read books word by word, I did selective study than exhaustive. Moreover, I had read these books during my B.Tech so I referred notes/PPTs/online lectures to brush up on topics. I recommend you stick to GATE syllabus while referring these books. However, if you think the foundation is not strong, you should first work on your basics.

Below is the list of books GATE 2015 Topper – Ravishankar Mishra recommended:


Use your conscience to select a book.

Other useful e-sources:

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