Books and others

I have been asked numerous times about the books one should follow for GATE CS. Below is the list of books/online material I followed:

Subject Books
Discrete Maths Tremblay Manohar
Engineering Mathematics Random online lectures/notes to brush up topics. You may refer Kreyzig/ Jain & Iyengar
Data Structure Tanenbaum + GeeksForGeeks
Algorithms CLRS + GeeksForGeeks
Programming in C Dennis Ritchie
Theory of Computation NPTEL Lectures by Prof. Kamala Krithivasan +

Lectures by Shai Simonson

Compiler Design Dragon book
Operating System Galvin
Computer Networks Tanenbaum + Forouzan + Jochen schiller( wiFi)
Digital Design Morris Mano
Computer Architecture & Organization Morris Mano + NPTEL lectures by Prof. Ajit Pal (pipeline)
Databases Korth

I didn’t read books word by word, I did selective study than exhaustive. Moreover, I had read these books during my B.Tech so I referred notes/PPTs/online lectures to brush up on topics. I recommend you stick to GATE syllabus while referring these books. However, if you think the foundation is not strong, you should first work on your basics.

Below is the list of books GATE 2015 Topper – Ravishankar Mishra recommended:


Use your conscience to select a book.

Other useful e-sources:

You may also read :


Author: AnkitaJain

I am a slow learner who secured all India rank 1 in GATE 2016. I am also an engineer who did her B.Tech from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) in Computer Engineering.

26 thoughts on “Books and others”

  1. Thanks

    On Wed, 18 May 2016 at 4:06 PM, crackgatebyankitajain wrote:

    > AnkitaJain posted: “I have been asked numerous times about the books one > should follow for GATE CS. Below is the list of books/online material I > followed: Subject Books Discrete Maths Tremblay Manohar Engineering > Mathematics Random online lectures/notes to brush up to” >


  2. Hello Didi!can u pls suggest me which previous year solved paper book should I follow?I’m in dilemma btwn the book by made easy and ace!!thanks with best regards and wishes..!


    1. Hi Souvik,
      You may use any. I had recommend the one where previous yr ques are segregated topic wise and subject wise. If both the books have this then go for the one with least errors and detailed explanations. I had used ace’s book for topic wise prep and downloaded full paper i.e. year-wise from web. I found explanations provided at gateoverflow quite satisfactory. You may check geeksforgeeks or geekquiz too.
      All the best.


  3. I have joined Made easy so can I completely rely on their study material or along with that should I study above mentioned books also ?


    1. Hi Rithvik,
      As soon as a topic is covered in your class, try to solve its previous yr ques. You’ll get a fair idea whether you can rely or not. If there is any gap try to fill it using above books or ask your teacher to cover it. Hope it helps!


  4. Hii Again ,
    Could you tell when should I start making short notes of my Main notes ?
    From the first day onwards or in the last month of my revision ? (Confused)


  5. My current status
    B.E in CSE ,5th sem ,RGPV (Bhopal)
    How can I prepare for GATE-2019 ?
    And How I can make balance b/w college and Gate preparation..?


    1. Suggestions:
      Do difficult subjects first.
      Try to give 2-3 hrs daily.
      Do the subjects you are familiar with first.
      Practice previous year GATE ques parallely.

      All the above sugggestions should be read together.


  6. Hello Ankita !
    please suggest me some books or any resources for practising questions (other than prev questions and test series) .what books did you practised? Is practising coaching materials from institutes(ace or made easy) worth it?


    1. Hi Chand,
      I cannot recommend things with certainty here as I had relied on test series and previous year questions. Exercise at the back of chapters of textbooks can help clarify your doubts and strengthen your concepts. You may look for practice materials of coaching(s) also. Don’t focus on irrelevant ques though.


  7. Hi Ankita,
    I am GATE 2018 aspirant. I am facing difficulties while solving TOC (Regular Expression- Not getting the approach how to solve them) problems. Can you please suggest me some good resource from where I can learn the approach and build the concepts regarding regular Expressions?


      1. Thank you so much! I will try those. One more doubt , I have joined RavindraBabu Ravula’s video lectures for GATE. So should I completely rely on those lectures and material or shall I refer standard books as well? And how did you prepare for verbal ability ?
        Your advice will be valuable.


      2. Sayali, i hadn’t joined Ravindra Sir’s classes so I cant tell about it. However, i referred some of his lectures available for free on youtube. Those were good. You should rely on GATE syllabus completely.
        For verbal ability, nothing specific, relied on previous yr ques and test series ques.


  8. Hello Again,
    Actually I am getting very less marks in topic wise test series by ACE i.e almost 25-30 % .
    Subject wise and full test I haven’t attempted yet .
    I feel very much demotivated due to my results in Topic wise test.
    How can I improve myself ??


  9. Hello di, please tell me the one or many book to refer for theory of computation. Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation by Jeffrey Ullman and John Hopcroft or An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata by Peter Linz ?? or how much to read from book or watch lectures?


  10. Hello Sister is it is required to study standard books for Gate, Im from Cs background and im preparing for gate 2019,I secured 4200 rank in Gate 2018?


    1. Hi Nagaraju Swarna,

      What i can say with certainty is that you need to have clear concepts. Standard books are recommended but ofcourse they are not the absolute necessity!
      All the best!


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