Do not Overstudy

This is a must read for GATE aspirants. Learn from others’ experience too. Reblogged AIR-28 GATE 2016, CS – Akash Kanase’s experience.

I studied in first 6 month of preparation  like crazy. I used to wake up at 5.00 AM , I used to start study in early 6.00 after getting ready and used to study till 11.00 PM. I used to seat for hours straight on computer reading books, watching video lectures, practicing questions etc.  I was gone crazy for GATE. I was so determined, I could study for hours straight and was able to concentrate even at 10 PM even after preparing from 6-10PM. was it right way to go ? Guess ?

NO, it is worst way to prepare for any exam. Please do not do something like this .

Now you would ask, why I’m saying please do not prepare with this passion ? because if you prepare like this it’ll hurt your health badly. I used to sit for long hours before and due to that my…

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Author: AnkitaJain

I am a slow learner who secured all India rank 1 in GATE 2016. I am also an engineer who did her B.Tech from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) in Computer Engineering.

2 thoughts on “Do not Overstudy”

  1. thanku so much for helping and how you get motivated while you are depressed ??

    On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 12:47 AM, crackgatebyankitajain wrote:

    > AnkitaJain posted: “This is a must read for GATE aspirants. Learn from > others’ experience too.” >


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